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EOI for a funded

Injury prevention & Health Literacy initiative

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The Project

  • 6-12 weeks.

  • Up to 150 Victorian based employees (qualified from a larger cohort).

  • Text, audio and video coaching backed by BodyGuide's suite of products.

  • Study focused mainly on sedentary work.

  • Co-designed with you around your risk mitigation priorities.

  • Research outcomes measured and presented by university partners.

  • Majority funded by La Trobe University and Worksafe.


EOI due by
31st October, 2022

If you'd like to learn more, please contact us or fill out the form below, and we will organise a time to present the opportunity.


3x Masterclass

The foundation of the activation, these sessions guide employees to safely address aches, pains and tension through movement.


1:1 Coaching


This is the heart of the activation: employees can seek personalised coaching from health professionals via text, audio and video.

Relief Kit

Relief Kits

Supported from start to finish with Relief Kits containing massage balls, BodyGuide app access and more.

Benefit from an already

validated intervention

"I could not recommend a better program for empowering employees to look after their wellbeing. The feedback has been phenomenal, people loved the content and have come away with lifelong skills and tips on how to keep their body healthy and well.”


Alex McDonald,



Register Your Interest

Fill in the form below and we'll reach out as soon as possible.

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The Problem




Australians experience
body pain, weekly

Do nothing about it due
to time & money

The cost of lost productivity due to pain, every year


Thank you for your interest in our upcoming project. We've secured funding for a university backed research initiative. We are now seeking EOI for a partner organisation that is interested in supporting the physical and mental health of their employees.


The focus of this project is to improve health literacy while reducing the psycho-social risk associated with pain. The primary technology we are deploying allows an employee to send text, audio  and video notes to health professionals. 

The employee is then guided to relevant resources, as well as the BodyGuide platform and traditional care where needed. By allowing users to ask simple questions, we remove the barriers to care associated with traditional appointments (time, cost, etc).

Click "Reply" to experience.


Meet the suite


BodyGuide App

BodyGuide App provides on demand pain relief, 24/7.

Telehealth Care

Employees can access professional support via text, audio or video.

Ergonomic Assessments

Remote assessments make safety and compliance easy.


Relief Kits delight, prepare and inspire.
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Master Class

Webinars keep it human and kickstart engagement.
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An opportunity to co-design

Due to the flexible nature of our technology, we are able to co-design the initiative around your risk mitigation needs. If there is a particular cohort or occupational behaviour associated with MSD's at your organisation, we build the campaign around these cohorts. We will also be working collaboratively with our university partner/s to ensure project design and reporting reflects these needs.

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