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Helping teams feel better has never been easier

It's been a tough couple of years. On top of the emotional cost of COVID lockdowns - there's also been a physical cost. 

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Reach out now, to book a masterclass covering
tips and tricks to thrive in a hybrid working model.

Crouched over laptops, working at kitchen counters, it's no wonder our necks and backs are starting to complain! 


Let's get your team ready for the next phase of life. Let's get them moving well, and undoing some of the harm of working from home. 

Masterclass Series:
Physical Health from Home

After 10,000 hours with patients, Matthew has developed a webinar series that both nurtures and supports physical activity. Liberate your team from aches, pains and unnecessary medical bills.

"Matt's session on Physical Health at Home was one of the best webinars we've run. We had such great engagement on the day, which continued throughout the week! Attendees really appreciated the opportunity"


Ray Jaramis - Head of Employee Wellness Employment Hero

Topics Covered


Taking the mystery out of physical health (and the health industry).


Forget fitness: feel better, by doing less.


How to pick a great therapist/ Medical facts you won't believe..

Tools for life

Are your emotions causing tension? The neuroscience behind common aches and pains.

Included with masterclass

  • Presented by Matthew Green, Creator of BodyGuide, Author of I'm Sick of Being Sore

  • 60 minutes (includes Q&A time)

  • Practical skills for your team, plus the theory behind it​​

  • Ask us about including BodyGuide access and I'm Sick of Being Sore eBook

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