365 days support for less than

the cost of a single appointment!


BodyGuide (20% off)

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  • Feel better, at home, FAST


    • Unlimited programs across all 7 pain areas.
    • Custom difficulty levels: change the intensity to suit your body.
    • Relief, Resolve and Resilience phases.
    • Audio guided exercises to help you maintain good technique.
    • A complete guide to self massage.
    • 100+ animated tutorials to help you learn about your body.
    • Favourite exercises for easy access.
    • 365 days support for less than the cost of an appointment.


    BodyGuide covers 7 pain areas: 

    • Lower back pain
    • Mid back pain
    • Upper back pain
    • Shoulder pain
    • Neck pain
    • Hip pain
    • Knee pain



Better health, at your finger tips

Start by selecting the point closest to your pain

Smart Diagnostic Style Onboarding

Answer a series of questions to help build your program

In under 2 minutes,

you'll receive a program tailored
to your needs

You'll find beautiful, engaging videos that teach you about your body.

From the common causes of pain, to exercise and self-massage tutorials.

Self Massage, Learn, Strengthen away from pain
Shoulder release stretch for neck and shoulder pain
Help us build a custom workout and education plan

It's about encouraging mindful movement,

building skills that help you feel better now,

and into the future.


  • Empower yourself to tackle issues whenever they arise.

  • Reduce tension and discomfort with easy, effective movement. 

  • Learn to self-massage.

  • Get to know your own alignment.  

  • Improve your posture, flexibility and strength.

  • No equipment needed.

  • Supercharge the things you love. BodyGuide is full of life lessons that you can take into your yoga, running, gym - or any other physical activity.

365 days of support,

for less than the cost of

a single appointment.