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Build a body that can.



Easy as 1, 2, 3

Download BodyGuide
Answer easy questions
Receive your personalised program


Over 50% of users report

a reduction in discomfort

after just one session

BodyGuide can help, that's why

your first

session is free.

No payment details required.

Lower back pain - BodyGuide App can help


of people with lower back pain feel more positive after their 1st session

Shoulder pain - BodyGuide App can help


of people with shoulder pain report reduced discomfort after their 1st session

Hip pain - BodyGuide App can help


of hip pain sufferers report reduced discomfort after the 2nd session

Neck pain and headaches - BodyGuide App can help


of people with neck pain have learned something new about their pain in the 1st session

I started using BodyGuide thinking it would help get me through until I could get an appointment, but by day 3,

I was feeling a noticeable difference - almost pain free and I didn't need to make that appointment!

- Garran



Feel better at home,

no fancy equipment required.

Home Work Out and Self Treatment

New me:

  • Can soothe discomfort when it arises.

  • Empowered to move rather than rest.

  • Understands the common causes of pain.

  • Making little changes, every day.

  • Building a body that is more resilient to the modern world.

Search Google for Pain Help
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Start Rehab today, with BodyGuide App

Old me:

  • Struggles to find time for self care.

  • Waits days for appointments when in pain.

  • Hates the mounting costs of ongoing appointments.

  • Tries Dr.Google but sceptical about trusting the advice.

  • Scared sedentary lifestyle will have long term effects.

Body Education and Self Assessment

365 days
of support,
for less than
the cost of a
60-minute appointment.


and start your



BodyGuide is cheaper than a physio or osteo appointment
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