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Engaging Education

We create memorable group learning experiences.


Masterclasses to suit your teams needs:

  • One-offs or multi-session courses

  • Off the shelf or bespoke content

  • Solo or to drive engagement during tech rollout


Understanding your focus:

Individual Health

Self-care strategies

Work-from-home ergonomics (or) manual handling 101Building a body that doesn't need treatment to feel good
BONUS: Access to I'm Sick of Being Sore

Organisational Health

Exploring the connection between pain and mental health

Innovations in injury prevention

Pain as a psychosocial risk

The future of care at work

BONUS: Access to I'm Sick of Being Sore

Matt's session on Physical Health at Home was one of the best webinar series we've run. Engagement from attendees was as high as we've seen!

Ray Jaramis,

Employment Hero


"I could not recommend a better program for empowering employees to look after their wellbeing. The feedback has been phenomenal, people loved the content and have come away with lifelong skills and tips on how to keep their body healthy and well.”

Alex McDonald,


"It's rare to see a truly innovative product in the safety space. The BodyGuide app makes getting help so simple and easy"

Bryce Gamon,
Safety Suite

Bryce_Gamon NEW.jpg

Topics Covered


Taking the mystery out of physical health (and the health industry).


Forget fitness: feel better, by doing less.


How to pick a great therapist/ Medical facts you won't believe..

Tools for life

Are your emotions causing tension? The neuroscience behind common aches and pains.

Mobile Phone

"Matt's insight into musculoskeletal injuries is unparalleled and our audience of over 700 was particularly enamoured with his fresh approach to workplace injury. He was engaging and passionate about his work, and brought about a frank, honest discussion that outlined just how organisations can prevent their people from harm. His work is informative and revolutionary about a topic that’s relevant to every worker today."

Joseph Pinto

Physical support, in your hands

Relief kits help drive engagement,

making health literacy visible for you team.

  • Massage balls - various sizes and uses

  • Fascia release stick

  • I'm Sick of Being Sore eBook or paperback

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