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Which ball for self massage?



Matthew Green, one of the creators of BodyGuide.

So you’ve got some self-massage videos in your program - but it’s bloody hard sometimes to work out if you’re doing it right.  
The goal is to find a sore spot - that makes you go: "Oooooo, that’s tender!"  

Pro tip: Before you start the timer on a Soothe exercise, experiment with the ball first. It might take a couple of minutes to find the right ball, for the right spot. Find that ‘good pain’ feeling before you press start - that way you won’t feel rushed.

The truth is, there is no perfect ball, for all spots. It pays to have a few different types. Here’s my stash of favourites, none of which cost more than $2.



Sometimes I’ll lie on one, and after 30 seconds, I’ll switch it for a harder one. The opposite happens too, where I start with a hard ball, but it’s too intense. I’ll switch it out for a softer tennis ball (squishier). Changing the ball halfway through a self massage is good: it means you’re listening to your body.

Harder/larger balls: perfect for hips or anytime there’s a bit more - uh - padding to get through ;)

Softer balls (tennis ball): are great for angry shoulders.

Spikey balls: great for feet, but sometimes it can be hard to find small ones if your feet are on the smaller side. 


This is just a guide, not a rule. You’ve gotta experiment; you’ll find your own favourite. This one is mine:



It’s a cheap old baseball. It’s super firm - works for feet, and hips. Can be a little intense on shoulders but I don’t mind that. Again, it’s a personal thing - and will depend on how ‘angry’ the muscles you are working on are.

Happy experimenting!

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