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Multiplex x BodyGuide Hub

Welcome to your BodyGuide Hub. Here you'll find resources, recaps, lessons and tips.

There will be updates after each session; so check back in for extra goodies.



💬 Ask Matt

🎓 Session 1: Optional Homework

▶️ Session 1: Rewatch

▶️ Learn: Benefits of Hanging

▶️ Learn: Art of Turning

▶️ Learn: Internal Rotation

🎓 Guide to Self Massage

🎓 Session 2: Optional Homework

▶️ Session 2: Rewatch

▶️ Learn: Foot Alignment

▶️ Learn: Different Walks

▶️ Learn: Mountain Pose

▶️ Learn: Core Reflex

🎓 Session 3: Optional Homework

▶️ Session 3: Rewatch

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