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Better health, at your fingertips

Start by selecting the point closest to your pain

Smart Diagnostic Style Onboarding

Answer a series of questions to help build your program

In under 2 minutes,

you'll receive a program tailored
to your needs

You'll find beautiful, engaging videos that teach you about your body.

From the common causes of pain, to exercise and self-massage tutorials.

Self Massage, Learn, Strengthen away from pain
Shoulder release stretch for neck and shoulder pain
Help us build a custom workout and education plan

It's about encouraging mindful movement,

building skills that help you feel better now,

and into the future.


Sessions are short and sweet.

Full of things everyone should know,

but no one was taught.


Short, simple lessons will explore the common causes of pain.


Exercise activities get you moving towards a happier, more resilient body.


Self-massage techniques get you feeling relief without having to wait for an appointment.

Your program is split into three phases

Each phase contains sessions, which progress with you

as you move through your program.



Phase 1 focuses on improving your discomfort levels.
Learn the skills to calm things down with 
self-massage, simple anatomy lessons and nourishing movement.



Phase 2 is about connections. We'll explore how one area can affect another, and introduce more movement back into your life to build your strength and wellbeing.



Practice makes perfect. Key movements will be repeated in phase 3 to build strength, while you learn about the rest of your body to keep it happy now, and into the future.


  • Personalised pain programs made to suit you

  • Access unlimited programs across multiple pain areas

  • Custom difficulty levels: change the intensity to suit your body. From beginner, to intermediate, to advanced

  • Step by step guidance through the Relief, Resolve and Resilience phases of your program.  From pain relief, to future-proofing your body

  • A complete guide to self massage

  • 100+ animated tutorials to help you learn about your body

  • Access to constantly updated education pieces written by health professionals to upskill your body knowledge.


  • Improve your posture, flexibility and strength

  • Empower yourself to tackle issues when they arise

  • Reduce tension and discomfort with easy, effective movement

  • Learn to self-massage

  • Get to know your alignment

  • No fancy equipment needed

  • Supercharge the things you love. BodyGuide is full of life lessons that you can take into your yoga, running, gym or any other physical activity.

365 days of support,

for less than the cost of

a 60-minute appointment.


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Over 50% of users report a reduction in discomfort after just one session,

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