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Nowhere to hang?



Matthew Green, one of the creators of BodyGuide.

At some point in your program, you’re going to see an exercise for hanging. Which can be a pickle, because it’s fair to say that we don’t all have chin-up bars lying around.


Never fear, there are some very cheap, and very helpful solutions around the place. Given how good hanging feels, it can be worth investing a little time to find somewhere that works.

No spend

The playground. Monkey bars work a treat, though for some reason, they often feel very hard to grip as adults! As the memory of childhood rushes back, beware of trying to swing from bar to bar. I’m an avid rockclimber, and even I find this incredibly difficult. Kids are so strong relative to their body weight it’s amazing.



Less than $20

You can get a great chin up bar for in the doorway. Cheap ones are $12 or so, but beware you may get what you pay for. These bars need the doorway to have an architrave (door frame) around it to work. 


More than $20

If you’ve got exposed stairs or strong rafters, you can hang roman rings. Double check whatever you’re using is strong enough to hold you!

Rings can be a little harder to grip, but in some ways are better for your shoulders... You can also take them to the park and hang them off a tree or soccer goals!


Worst case scenario, there’ll be a tree in the local park. Be sure to choose a branch that is strong enough!

In the meantime, shoulder release may be your best bet.


Climbing is human nature. Grip is the first movement babies learn - and any parent knows that keeping a child from climbing is near impossible. So reclaim some childhood memories, and give your upper body the stretch out it deserves.  


Pro tip: Keep your feet on the ground at first. If two arms doesn't feel good, try one arm at a time.

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