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1:1 Executive Health
with Matthew Green

Embark on a pain and health transformation

Are you ready to solve that persistent pain? The one that is holding you back, stopping you from doing what you should be doing? Are you ready to move on from the endless rubs and generic stretches that don't stick?

Build a body

that can


My name is Matthew Green. I’m the founder of BodyGuide, author of I’m Sick of Being Sore and since 2010, I’ve been helping people all over the world solve pain and get back to the things they love. I also help companies like BUPA, Mirvac, Multiplex & the Ambulance Council support their teams. 


Before BodyGuide, I ran a chronic pain clinic in Port Melbourne. I also co-founded The OP Clinic, an online-only clinic specialising in Osteitis Pubis (a hip condition common in athletes).

So many people fall through the cracks of conventional treatment options. They binge on appointment-relief when it gets bad, while trying to ignore it when it's mild. This is pain-limbo and it's a terrible waste of emotional energy.

Matthew Green - Myotherapist, mTech Founder

While some chalk these aches and pains up to 'old age', the reality is there are many pain free people with more years under their belt than you. And you have many more years ahead of you.


Whether you’re an elite athlete or a desk warrior the impact is the same... pain stops you achieving what you are capable of.

- Matt

"When I met Matt, I was in a bad way.

I wasn't sure I was going to make it through the season.

After 6 weeks training with him,
I was back on the field, feeling as strong as ever."

Cale Hooker
14 Season Veteran, Essendon F.C.

8 week pain transformation

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

The 1:1 Executive Health pain program combines online and-in person appointments, backed by online coaching between sessions. 


We build you a personalised program with exercise tutorials, theory and rep ranges updated regularly in your online portal. On-demand telehealth coaching then helps you progress faster in between appointments.

I can only take 2 new clients a month. Please reach out if you would like to be added to the wait list, or to find out more.

The key to change

Traditional appointments are ineffective because you get 30 minutes with a therapist, then don’t see them for a week. This is wasted time. If you’ve got questions between appointments, want technique support or similar, why wait 7 days before you get a chance to ask? 


Between our sessions you are encouraged to send me text, voice or video notes via BodyGuide’s coaching platform. This lets you ask questions big and small, as well as upload videos for technique feedback.


By giving you more access to support, you'll have answers long before the next appointment so we can fast track your progress.

Try the coaching now,

ask me any question about 1:1 Executive Health.

Addressing the cause,
not just

1:1 Executive Health was created for people that have not found solutions with other therapies (Osteo, Chiro, Myo, Physio, Personal Training).


I have spent much of my career working with people with knee/hip/low back or groin pain (osteitis pubis, SPD etc). This includes complex cases with underlying issues such as hernias, pelvic floor or physiological conditions (arthritis etc).

I use a whole body approach, for results, fast.

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