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65% of people feel body aches and pains, weekly.

That's 65% of your most valuable asset, distracted.

Helping them feel better has never been easier.

Tools for teams to thrive

Find the style of BodyGuide support that suits your team.


BodyGuide + Activation pack

BodyGuide access for when they need support.

Our activation pack encourages and empowers your team to invest in their physical health.

Perfect for teams of any size.


Optional webinars are fun, informative and engaging.


Putting a face to a product helps build trust and encourage uptake of BodyGuide.

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Chat support with health professionals

Asynchronous video chat lets your team connect to one of our Guides.


Our on-demand qualified health professionals are here to help at any time.

Complete care

For holistic support of your team's physical wellbeing:


Resources for your (human) resources

BodyGuide ensures that your budget spend creates more than just great optics. We provide activation packs with fortnightly or monthly content to increase uptake which flows into better results for your team.

Videos like these, help your team change the way they move and feel.

BodyGuide works

When people use BodyGuide,
the results speak for themselves.

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[ /ˈprɛz(ə)nˈtiːɪz(ə)m/ ] noun

employees who are still physically present at work, but are not fully functioning because of illness, injury or other conditions.



Better options

= better choices.

BodyGuide empowers your team to proactively improve their health

before they take an afternoon off for an appointment.

Personalised programs in under two minutes

- backed up with professional support at the click of a button.

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