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Introducing BodyGuide - built by a team of Australia’s most respected health professionals to help you get rid of pain - fast!

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Hi, I’m Matthew Green, founder of BodyGuide. 

For ten years I worked with thousands of pain sufferers, from AFL stars like Cale Hooker, to everyday people. My job was to eliminate pain and help people move better again.

The truth is, most of the patients I saw often waited until the pain got worse before they sought intervention, thinking that it would go away on its own. They waited days for an appointment but all this did was make their treatment longer and harder.

I realised, treating people this way is crazy. I was booked out months ahead and everyone wished they’d tried relieving their pain sooner! I was charging $100 a consultation, then $200, and $300... and people kept coming. 


But as a medical professional, I believe people deserve to be pain free, whether they can afford appointments or not. I realised there had to be a better way to relieve pain quickly. 

BodyGuide puts a decade of science and training in your hands so you can start your journey to pain free living today.

But don't just take my word for it, hear it from BodyGuide users around the world.


“When I met Matt, I was in a bad way, I wasn’t sure I’d make it through the season. Using Matt’s techniques, I was back on the field after 6 weeks, feeling as strong as ever.”

Matthew Green, Founder of BodyGuide, 10+ years clinical experience, with Professional AFL Player Cale Hooker.

Stop Wasting Money on Treatments That Don’t Work

If you’re sick of constantly being in pain and spending $100’s on massage or physiotherapist appointments, only to have pain return the next day, week or month, there’s a better way. In fact, when people ask me “Don’t I need hands-on treatment?” I always give the same answer:

Massage is like sugar. It gives you a boost but doesn't do anything to solve the problem. Over time it can even create problems - your body can get more and more dependent!

The best solutions are always the simplest. Instead of hoping it will get better on its own or waiting all week for someone else to help you, why not get started right now? With BodyGuide you can learn how to self manage your back pain effectively - and how to do rehab exercises like the professionals for quick and effective back pain relief.

“I’ve got my [pain] relief and now I’m feeling stronger. I can feel that it might not come back again, that pain. That pain sucked, do you know what I mean?!”

Adam L, 36

Based on Science, Backed by Results

You don’t need to know about anatomy. You don’t need any fancy equipment. All you need is some space at home and BodyGuide will take care of the rest.

Science shows the best way to get rid of aches, pains and tension is through movement.

With BodyGuide, you can access the program tailored to your specific pain area from any one of our three back pain programs; Lower Back, Middle Back and Upper Back.

In easy, short and effective guided sessions, BodyGuide will get you moving away from pain - fast.

These programs have been uniquely designed with a series of gentle and targeted exercises that will have your body moving the way it is meant to - freely and away from back pain.

Dr Paula Charlton - Sports Physio

"When Matt approached me to help with BodyGuide, I was genuinely curious. It’s such a great approach to such a big problem."

88.7% of people have a positive outcome after their first short session. But don’t take our word for it, here are people just like you, that love BodyGuide for helping them move away from pain.

Notice The Difference...After Your 1st Session!

We believe you’ll be feeling better in no time! As you progress through your customised program, you’ll be moving around freely and away from pain - fast.

You’ll notice:

  • You can perform simple movements easily

  • You move around freely

  • You won’t worry so much about making the pain worse

  • You sleep better

  • You have more energy 

  • You have more patience

  • You’ll enjoy returning to all the activities you’d been avoiding

  • Your relationships with family, friends and colleagues improve

  • You can return to your physical fitness activities and sport sooner

  • You’re happier overall!

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Here’s How Your BodyGuide Program Works

We want you to feel better, fast. That’s why our results-backed system has 3 carefully crafted phases - RELIEF, RESOLVE & RESILIENCE to help resolve your back pain.

Your program is built based on your specific symptoms. Simply click on the area of your back (lower, middle or upper) that you’re having trouble with, answer some questions, and in 2 minutes get a customised exercise program. Exercise, self-massage and education all chosen for your specific needs.

You’ll be guided through each exercise with video demonstrations and audio cues to ensure that you are using the correct (and precise) techniques that professionals use to resolve pain issues, just like those you're experiencing. It's so easy!

Follow along anywhere, anytime and change the intensity to suit your body as you progress. There are three levels to choose from; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. 



We start with the RELIEF phase - Soothing, nurturing movements to calm the issue and help you move away from pain.


Here we explore your alignment and the common causes of pain to help you recognise the actions triggering your pain and how to best adjust your movements.


We help you build the foundations of a resilient body. Strengthening and rebalancing your body to avoid future issues.

Our unique approach not only helps you move away from back pain but also assists in preventing it from recurring in the future.

“I love the fact that it asked me questions and sorted out what we were going to do about [the pain]. The first stretch I did got straight to the area I’d been trying to stretch. It does what it says it’s going to do. Your app is exactly what I needed.”

Jo D, 58

"BodyGuide is such a holistic approach. It’s very self-explanatory. Then you realise why that works and why that hurts. It’s easy to do, easy to use and easy to understand. That’s why I love the app so much. I don’t have to go anywhere, I can be at home. I’m addicted!"

Vicki T, 56

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MORE BodyGuide Programs

With BodyGuide Premium subscription, you get access to all three back-specific programs that are designed to relieve back pain in your Lower Back, Middle Back and Upper Back. You also get access to four more programs to support you when pain arises.

Are you experiencing pain in more than one area of your body? 

This is a common occurrence amongst patients I’ve seen where the act of avoiding painful movements in one area means that you overcompensate with another. This consequently results in more aches, pains, and tension where there was none before.


Neck Pain Program
Neck and back pain are often closely related. Spending hours sitting at a desk or failing to have the appropriate neck support while you sleep can often lead to niggly neck pain.

You no longer need to live with this pain, get to it quickly and feel the fast relief that your customised Neck program can bring.

Shoulder Pain Program
Shoulder pain is one of the most emotionally challenging of all pain. BodyGuide programs are designed to resolve:

  • Shoulder impingement

  • Rotator Cuff dysfunction

  • Postural issues

  • Instability / Hypermobility


Knee Pain Program
Knee pain can impact every aspect of day-to-day life - yet many people neglect their knees.

BodyGuide programs are designed to resolve.

  • Patellofemoral pain 

  • Squatter’s knee

  • Runner’s knee (ITB friction syndrome)

  • As well as support Osteoarthritis


Hip Pain Program
BodyGuide hip programs are split into 3 areas. Front, back and side. This allows us to focus in on your specific complaint - to resolve.

  • Hip flexor tension

  • Glute weakness

  • Hip instability

  • Pelvic alignment


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