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BodyGuide solves back pain fast.

Let BodyGuide create you a personalised back pain program, based on your symptoms. With a 7 day free trial, you can try your custom rehab program in under 2 minutes.


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87% of people with back pain feel more positive after just their first session!

Built by some of Australia’s most respected health professionals, you know you’re in good hands.

Dr Paula Charlton - Sports Physio

When Matt approached me to help with BodyGuide, I was genuinely curious. It’s such a great approach to such a big problem.

Exercise, education and self massage tutorials,
organised into a personal program
 based on your unique symptoms..

Your program will be split into three, easy phases to heal your body:



Soothing, nurturing movements to calm the issue.



Explore your alignment & common causes of pain.



Build the foundations of a resilient body to prevent pain from recurring.


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Why risk doing the wrong exercises on YouTube?

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It’s not just about pain relief.

With BodyGuide, you can:

  • Improve strength, flexibility & posture

  • Increase productivity

  • Undo the damage your desk is doing to your back & posture

  • Fix laptop neck

  • Develop life skills: the ability to quickly settle pain through self massage

  • Improve your self awareness

  • Fix bad exercise technique

  • Then take these skills into the things you love

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  • Personalised back pain relief program

  • Custom difficulty levels: change the intensity to suit your body. From beginner, to intermediate, to advanced.

  • Relief, Resolve and Resilience phases.

  • Audio guided exercise videos to help you maintain good technique.

  • A complete guide to self massage.

  • 100+ animated tutorials to help you learn about your body.

  • Favourite exercises for easy access.

  • 365 days support for less than the cost of an appointment.


With BodyGuide premium, you’ll also get access to our other pain areas that can be customised to help relieve your pain:

  • Neck

  • Shoulder

  • Hip

  • Knee

  • Middle

  • Upper back.


20% off BodyGuide

12 month subscription

$79USD   $63USD


“When I met Matt, I was in a bad way,

I wasn’t sure I’d make it through the season. Using Matt’s techniques, I was back on the field after 6 weeks, feeling as strong as ever.”

Matthew Green, Founder of BodyGuide,

10+ years clinical experience,

with Professional AFL Player Cale Hooker.