BodyGuide was built by a multidisciplinary team of health professionals. From Physiotherapy to Myotherapy, Osteopathy to Occupational Therapy, our advisory team meant that we didn’t just take one expert’s opinion and put it into an app.

We wanted to make something trustworthy, that could bridge the gap between Dr Google, and appointments. Something that would empower people to take better care of their bodies.

We weren’t trying to build a diagnosis machine or to replace health professionals. Our focus was and is, to simplify body knowledge into actionable education.

We know that if we can get more people moving, it benefits not just the individuals, but our community on the whole.

BodyGuide was founded by Matthew Green, a Melbourne based Myotherapist with 10+ years clinical experience

As our team grows, we’re always looking for amazing health professionals to join our team. If you are one, or know one, please send them our way.

Matthew Green - Myotherapist, mTech Founder

"The longer I practiced, particularly in the chronic pain space, the more I felt what I was doing was relatively simple. I wasn’t a rocket scientist, I wasn’t a specialist,

I was just teaching people how to move.

To me, the missing piece is really education. No one is taught the basics about their bodies, so they don’t have a foundational skill set to build confidence with. When your body feels like a mystery, it can be easy to be frightened or feel fragile.


But you’re not fragile. Bodies are resilient. BodyGuide is my way of giving people the skills to move away from pain."


- Matthew Green

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Leigh Gant - Strength and Conditioning Coach - OP Meta

"I can honestly say that this feels like the missing piece. So much of what we teach in the gym is the same, simple lessons over and over.


If we can improve body literacy, to teach people the basics, it frees us up to deliver more value to clients."

Hamish Anderson Occupational Therapist, Australian Handy Therapy Association

"BodyGuide is built with structured, purposeful, clear education combined with safe and focussed exercise programs."

Dr Paula Charlton - Sports Physio

"When Matt approached me to help with BodyGuide, I was genuinely curious. It’s such a novel approach to such a big problem.


We need more innovative ideas to solve the body literacy problem in society, and I can’t think of a better start than BodyGuide."

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"Chronic musculoskeletal pain is a serious problem for individuals and society at large.


Improving body awareness, functional movement and self-administered yet guided therapy are crucial to helping people with musculoskeletal pain.


As a GP, I am pleased to have a tool that my patients can utilise to improve these areas."

Join the movement.

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