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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

(1) Introduction to what it is:

At BodyGuide, we’re on a mission to help people that want to help themselves. 

As a BodyGuide member, when you purchase a BodyGuide Monthly Premium subscription, you get a 30 day money back guarantee. To put it simply, the guarantee states that 30 days from original purchase date or trial commencement date, when you complete the required eligibility below, and still don’t feel the relief you’re looking for, we’ll refund your purchase amount.


(2) Eligibility

Good things take time. To be eligible for our money back guarantee, here is what you need to do:

a)  Complete the the first two phases of your program (Relief & Resolve):

This is 10 sessions - each taking approx 30 minutes to complete. Sessions are designed to be done no more than 1 daily.

When you ask for a refund, we do a quick check to see if you’ve given BodyGuide a real chance  We understand you may need to skip an exercise or two, but we need you to give it your best shot at completing at least the first 2 phases of your program for it to have a real impact on your body. If you’ve skipped through multiple sessions, we know you won’t get the result you are after.

b) Email us within 30 days

If, after completing the eligibility as outlined above, and you still don’t see the results you’re after or find the program valuable, email us ( within the first 30 days from original purchase date or trial commencement date and we will provide a full refund.


Please include the following details:

·         Full Name

·         Email Address associated with your BodyGuide Account

·         Contact email address (if different to above)


(3) Examples of people that are ineligible

The following are examples of how our guarantee DOES NOT APPLY:

1.   You purchase a program, never use it, and email us after 30 days asking for a refund.


2.   You purchase a program, complete just a few sessions, and email us asking for a refund.

3. You skip through multiple sessions in a short period of time to show that you ‘completed your program’.  


(4) Fine Print


1.   Completion of a phase is:

a.   Completing all the sessions of that phase, including exercises and self massage.

All videos must be played in real-time. Session times are recorded and reviewed for your refund request. Where videos have been ‘fast-forwarded’ or ‘skipped’ and total session time is equal to less than actual session time (in real-time), this will not be deemed ‘Completed.’


2.   Please note: You will lose all access to your programs upon processing of your refund.



(5) Ending

Please remember to submit your application within at least 30 days of original purchase date or trial commencement date, including your BodyGuide Account Details and ensure that account meets the aforementioned eligibility. We reserve the right to reject a refund request in the event we are not satisfied (acting reasonably) with the supporting evidence you provide us. If you meet the eligibility, we will notify you via email at the contact details you’ve provided and process your refund.

If you have any questions or concerns about your purchase, please contact us at anytime here.

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